Dual Yellow  

Featuring optium yellow and green light for fast, precise, targeted treatments, Dual Yellow delivers great control and better outcomes with reduced skin damage and discomfort.   The Dual Yellow laser is the culmination of decades of research and development backed by clinical trials, making it the only dermatological laser of its kind on the market.


Immediate improvement in appearance after treatment.

Optimal for treating vascular lesions, vessels are coagulated and immediately disappear.

Single treatment results for telangiectasia at 578nm.

Acne is treated easily and effective using 578nm, as the light is absorbed by endogenous porphyrins and destroying the P.Acnes bacteria by PDT action.

  Melasma is treated by removal of vessels reducing the groth factor thus reducing the productive melanoncytes.

Bulky lesions are treated using 611 & 578nm wavelengths for a single treatment.

Bloodless lesion removal & no purpura response.

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